Our Beloved Retired Faculty & Staff  

Former HPHS teachers that we are able to locate. If you are
interested in contacting any of these former Huntington Park High
teachers please contact Sheila (Kasparian '61) Tierney at:

[email protected]
If you know of any other former teachers who would like to be listed
 please let Sheila know and she will get their permission to be listed. 

Alpert, Dave and Debra Hogue, Don Page, Rena
Alvarado, Enrique Kaley, Don

Pease, Fred

Barnet, Gloria Kappa Kinyon, Sue Pixley, Barbara
Pixley-Blair: Pioneers &Princes
Blaylock, Ivol Levin, Bonnie (Williams) Myers, Don
Bobinette, Jack Lieberman, Les Richardson, Jack
Bonsteel, Louis Loya, Linda Rodriguez, Manuel H.
Browning, Myrna Misheloff , Lori (Manasse)  Roberts, Jack
Darrow, Frank Manos, Ted Sachs, Sam
Folkart (Cear), Martha Mauro, Lawrence l.  Samuels, Katherine
Didio, Jim Mckenzie, Bob Schlegel, Steve
Edwards-Archer, Shirley Merman, Chuck Springer, Doris
Gallery, Lila L. Merman, Karen Straley, Joan
Glos, Pete Miekosz, John Taddeo, Harry
Heinlein, John osbacher, Karen Williamson, Ima
  Muskrath, Dwight Winter, Lowell
    Wong, Stan


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