Class of 1959


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59 Jamey   Anderson   [email protected]
59 Mary Jane   Anderson Satteson [email protected]
59 Tom   Anfinson   [email protected]
59 Ralph   Arriola  

[email protected]

59 Larry   Arnold   [email protected]
59 George   Ashton   [email protected]
59 Jackie   Barnett McMillen

[email protected]

59 Patsy   Boland Cheesman [email protected]
59 Jim   Bradley   [email protected]
59 Carolene   Brenner Endersby [email protected]
59 Bonnie    Buckle Harrison

[email protected]

59 Barbara   Capaci DiMeo [email protected]
59 John   Carlson  

[email protected]

59 Kathleen   Clark    
59 Norman   Cluff   [email protected]
59 Mike   Coffin  

[email protected]



  Cole Harrison

[email protected]

59 Tom   Coudayre   [email protected]
59 Carolyn   Crabtree Bennett

[email protected]

59 Don   Crawford  

[email protected]

59 Donna   Cryder Jordan

[email protected]

59 Oscar (Del)   DelRosario    
59 Mais   Desvaux Gauthier [email protected]
59 Cindy (Sindy)   Domino    
59 Roger   Dupaix  

[email protected]

59 Sandy   Engstrom Roundy

[email protected]

59 Mildred   Fillers


[email protected]

59 Byron   Gaston   [email protected]
59 Derry   Gielow  

[email protected]

59 Daniel   Graudenti    
59 Charlie   Hanson   [email protected]
59 Walter   Harris   [email protected]
59 Jim   Hefner   [email protected]
59 Jerry   Hickey   [email protected]
59 Kathy   Hoard Cloer

[email protected]

59 Margie   Hines Montero  
59 Helen   Holston Weber [email protected]
59 Janet   Houck Mautner  
59 Evelyn Sue   Hooper    
59 Dennis   Huffman  

[email protected]

59 Lester "Mike"   Husted  

[email protected]

59 John   Hourian   [email protected]
59 Sandy   Johnson Patton

[email protected]

59 Walt   Jones  

[email protected]

59 Patricia   Jurgensen Morris

[email protected]

59 Ron   Kiblinger    
59 Don   Kidder   [email protected]
59 Elaine   Kroeker Logan [email protected]
59 Linda    Kiddoo Meyer

[email protected]

59 Walter   Kurtz  

[email protected]

59 Patti   LaMantain Dornan-Laemmle

[email protected]

59 Ed   Lazano   [email protected]
59 Richard   Lincourt   [email protected]
59 Leroy   Lindsey   [email protected]
59 William (Bill)   Lindsey  

[email protected]

59 Martha    Martin Sexton [email protected]
59 Dick (Dyrck)   McClellan   [email protected]
59 Carole   Meehan Bishop [email protected]
59 Gary   Moffatt

  ** (Class Rep)** 

[email protected]
59 Jo Ann   Morgan Williams

[email protected]

59 Mary   Novello Talian [email protected]
59 Beatrice (Bea)   Owens Gillard

[email protected]

59 Jim   Pattillo  

[email protected]

59 Linda     Pearce VanBuskirk [email protected]
59 Elizabeth   Quinn Neumann [email protected]
59 Robert   Rivas   [email protected]
59 Sandra    Rodgers Curtiss [email protected]
59 Larry   Rolph  

[email protected]
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59 Ed   Salseda   [email protected]
59 Marilynn   Saputo Evans

[email protected]

59 Brad   Savage   [email protected]
59 Ray   Scudder   [email protected]
59 Lila     Seamon Frusher [email protected]
59 Hazel   Sellers Alexis

[email protected]

59 Luther   Sprouse   [email protected]
59 J.R. Randy   Stone  

[email protected]

59 Bonnie   Treff Reed [email protected]
59 Joyce   Van Leydner Murphy [email protected]
59 Marilyn   Waitman Brown

[email protected]

59 Carolyn   Waitman Theisen

[email protected]

59 Lorraine   Williams Stevens  
59 Robert   Williamson   [email protected]
59 Bill   Willis  

[email protected]

59 Norma Jean   Wilson Malizia [email protected]
59 Judy   Worden Kimball [email protected]
59 Michael   Wystrach   [email protected]

Message center

Does anyone have the email addresses of Barbara Jones or  Sandy Fillpot??
If you do could you please email them to me?  [email protected]
59 Carolyn   Crabtree Bennett

[email protected]

Carolyn says:  Anyone that would like to correspond thru
email, please do so.  I would like to hear from former classmates.

59 Barbara   Bukosy Mora [email protected]

Barbara says:  I would like to hear from some of my classmates.


Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1959
59 Charlene   Alexander (Jewell) Sept. 19th 2000


59 Bob   Boyd March 17th 2019 Temple City CA
59 Nancy   Bristol (Franks) March 17, 2015

Banning CA

59 Barbara   Bukosy  (Mora) July 28th 2017 Orange County CA
59 Jeanett   Contessotto  (Vartanian)

Aug. 28, 2008

Trabuco Canyon, CA

59 Fran   Elliott  (Moraski) Dec. 2, 2002 La Mirada, CA
59 Clarence   Ferguson Aug. 24, 2016 Las Vegas Naveda
59 Mary Yvonne   Fowler (Byrne) April 22, 2008 Bellflower CA
59 Carol   French Dec. 1,1990 WA
Buried in Dewey OK.
59 Dixie   Hariston (Bolenbaugh)

April 17,2007

Reno, NV
59 Eugene   Hays Oct. 29th 2008 West Covina, CA
59 Karen   Henshaw


Palm Desert CA
59 Andera   Hunter April 20th 2018 Carson City NV
59 Margaret   Jones Aug. 21st 2018  
59 Dee Ann   Lipscomb Jan. 6th, 2007 Las Vegas NV
59 Gloria   Parente (Lacey)

Oct. 24th, 2004

Orange, CA
59 Ken    Pons Sept. 11th, 2008 Buena Park, CA
59 Brad   Savage Jan. 16th, 2012

Hayward CA

59 Kathy   Syphers (Young)

Sept. 21st 2010

Yorba Linda, CA

59 Richard   Welser Dec. 4th, 1980 Salem Oregon
59 Sue Ann   Washburn (Keller) March 7, 2008

Downey, CA

59 Janice   Welton (Novello)

Nov 8th, 2010

Corona CA


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