Class of 1956


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56 Doris   Allaire Williams/Leichliter

[email protected]

56 Carol   Arnett  

[email protected]

56 Arthur L. Arriola   [email protected]
56 Charles   Barnes   [email protected]
56 Tom   Berggeron   [email protected]
56 Melvin (Mickey)   Biggerstaff  

[email protected]

56 H.E. (Joe)   Bilderbach III   [email protected]
56 Donna   Cluff Lyle [email protected]
56 Roberta   Corbin Turbow

[email protected]

56 Diane    Crum Knott [email protected]
56 Lee   Kufchak   [email protected]
56 Raymond   Davies   [email protected]
56 Art   Dow    
56 Rhelda Beth   Edwards Bernotas [email protected]
56 Ken   Fowler   [email protected]
56 Michael   Farmer  

[email protected]

56 Tony   Ferrante    
56 Diane   Fonstein Isaacs [email protected]
Author Psycologist
56 Ken   Fowler   [email protected]
56 Evelyn   Georgianni Gilbert

[email protected]

56 Dixie   Gorman Cash [email protected]
56 Vicky   Gross  Dereig [email protected]
56 Judy   Grow Rodgers [email protected]
56 Norman Galen Harris  

[email protected]

56 Carolyn   Hay Zwirn [email protected]
56 Dorothy   Heimgartner Crawford

[email protected]

56 Eleanor   Holdridge Weinstein [email protected]
56 Richard   Hostin  

[email protected]

56 Lyle   Jamison  

[email protected]

56 Judy   Johnson Harvey [email protected]
56 Sandra    Kiddoo Gillespie [email protected]
56 O.C. Dude   King   [email protected]
56 Bud   Knapper   [email protected]
56 Patricia   Kornder Johnston [email protected]
56 Lee   Kufchak   [email protected]
56 Jim   LaFayette   [email protected]
56 Steve   Lahina   [email protected]
56 Gary    Lee  

[email protected]

56 Dewey   Marine   [email protected]
56 Evelyn   Mayer Hart [email protected]
56 Ray   Moore  

[email protected]

56 Norman   Nelson Norm is now in hospice. would like to here from old friends in high school (3-28-17) [email protected]
56 Diana    Reese  Moses** (Class Rep)**  [email protected]
56 Pat   Renfro Estrada

[email protected]

56 Marie   Roy  

[email protected]

56 Paula   Shoemaker McCoy [email protected]
56 Orlean    Slaughter  Lamb, Cook, Hoyt [email protected]
56 William (Bill)   Smith   outside[email protected]
56 Rosale   Snow Bolstad [email protected]
56 Ed   Stone   [email protected]
56 Donna    Unruh    
56 Warren   Vrooman   [email protected]
56 Steve   Weinstein   [email protected]
56 Nadine   Williams Hollingsworth

[email protected]

56 Roberta   Williams Stevens [email protected]
56 Richard   Yarosh  

[email protected]


People who attended HPHS and would have graduated in 1956

56 Barbara   Ecker  

[email protected]

56 Barbara Says:  Left Huntington Park High School after the ninth grade. Would 
love to find some of my old friends.


56 Michael   Farmer   [email protected]
  Michael says:  What a great place and time to go to high school, I wish we could
 do it all over again. Just to much fun, Sadie Hawkins, sox hops, drive-ins. How
 cool was that. Wonderful memories with good friends.
56 Diane    Crum Knott [email protected]
  Diane Says:  I  Am looking for someone with a '56 class ring that I could borrow
 and have one made as mine was stolen years ago and the ring meant a lot to me
56 Nadine   Williams Hollingsworth

[email protected]


Nadine says: Interested in hearing from my friends in H.S.. My phone number is (562)923-0166. Just a note to let you know that Judy Bennett Juarez passed away December 11, 2004
due to stroke.

56 Pat   Renfro Estrada

[email protected]

  Pat Says: Hi, if you remember me, please email me.. I'm trying to reconnect with old friends.
56 Donna   Cluff Lyle [email protected]

Donna Vee says: As I write this it's 7/12 so we are all about 74.  I don't
know about you guys, but inside I feel like I'm back in school.  Outside
it doesn't match up. Mother nature plays a mean game. Comes down to
what's in your heart that matters.

Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1956
56 Ignacio "Smiley"
56 Harriet   Baker Carter June 16, 2008


  Bennett Juarez

Dec. 11, 2004



56 Martha   Bradley Bradley-Kufchak  
56 Joe   Broadbent   Oct 2013
56 Barbara   Daniel    
56 Eleanor   Dyner  Kottaras Oct, 2007
56 Sharon   Filter Moore May 18, 2008
56 Patty   Hughes    
56 Douglas   Ivanoff   Feb. 15, 1990
56 William   Lipscomb   Jan. 8, 2011
56 Gordon   MacKay   For Funeral Information Click
56 Donna  


Callahan May, 17,2009
56 John   McCarthy   Oct. 26, 2006
56 Norm   Pincock   May 15, 2015
56 William   Sechrist   May 1, 2004
56 Janet   Via Louis July 27, 2012
56 Edward   Waitman  

Feb 21, 2014

56 John   White   May 21, 1996
56 Eddy   Wystrach   Nov. 2012

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