The 90s' Memories of Huntington Park

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Favorite hang out places?
We need your input to complete this page!! Hanging out in
 Stockton Court 

The construction of the
 math and science building

Aloha Dance

Tam's Hamburgers
Seeing what Dr. Bonpua was
 wearing in my economics class

Calling Mr. Kolisnicoff (or whatever his name is) JEOPARDY
 because he looked like the Alex Trebec.

Fence was put up
(harder to ditch)

Drill Team ended in 1996 and became Colorguard Powder Puff Game
Gus' Burgers Slauson and Seville Remember Le Tigre, OP's, and
 Vans - slip on's that is!!
Homecoming Parade
Ditching class and forging passes

Hanging out at the Xerox room

New logo on the
 water tank 

Dressing for P.E was halted for a year and half while
the Gym went through a remodeling period

Putting the freshmen in the fountain
Having that one substitute
 teacher that looked like Ace
 Ventura Pet Detective
Going purposely to the tardy room to
get out of class or to miss a test

Mr. Jack Roberts.. what a guy

  Hanging out at HART's   Grunge music like Nirvana, Pearl Jam,
 Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, STP
Painting of the rock in Stockton Court
with our class colors our Senior Year
Afraid of getting in  trouble and not sending  you to the dean's
office but to Yolanda @ the attendance office
The undefeated football team,
League and Conference Champions
of 1992

Why did Mr. Baran pull
 disappearing act when
 you needed him?

Hosting our HS
 dances at the
 Elk's Club
BEATING Bell @ the ELAC stadium..
the 1st time the game was held there
Watching the Food For Less on
 Santa Fe and Florence burn to the ground

Fighting against the Toxic Waste Incenerator slated to be built less than 500 ft away
from HPHS.. helped change state legislation as to require  all toxic waste incinerator
proposals to adhere to Environmental Impact  Reviews. Can't believe it wasn't the
law before. The Community WON this first environmental justice victory! No
incinerator was built.

Senior ditch day!! Friday and Saturday nights at "Sunken City" in San Pedro  Farmer John's still "SMELLS"! 

 Finding out that Mr. Leyson was on 
  Schindlers list. (not the movie; the real thing!) 

Mr. West and his white shirt and pants
Grad Nite '95 Flyers to parties being passed out after school The Viva market

Rain at our Disneyland Grad Nite and getting
 stuck on the Pirates of the Caribbean (1990)

There was Gus's, then a black gate came, and
 Gus's was no more
That security guy (forget his name) getting
hit by a car in front of the school
The B-92's (loudest crowd)
 senior ditch day!!!!!!!!!
Having so much fun with the girls from Track & field  
and Cross Country with
 Mr. Guajardo as a coach
Remembering the way we toilet papered Bell H. S. the day of the
 game early in the morning or the night b-4.
Tickle me elmo
Mr. Waller got beaten at  basketball every time he challenged his students Can't forget about the colorguard majorettes!!!
Having an awesome cheerleading squad..
 even though we didn't  have a coach
Watching Ms. Olsen......AKA "Terminator", chasing students 
1993 Senior Ditch Day at
 Santa Fe Dam!!!!! 
1993 Graduation at
  The Shrine Auditorium!!!
Ms.Carol talking about her Slim Fast, and
 trying to fly because she couldn't fit through the tables. Wearing
her funny butterfly every single day and telling her fictious stories.
Going to little small plays at the Greek Theatre with
 Mr. Lavin on Staurdays when there was nothing else to do.
 Mr. Lavin you're a great drama teacher and thanks for helping us out.
Chilling in the
The mission it was to try and ditch
 through  the 300's building.
Wearing your ORANGE
 on Fridays.
Mr. Loya, being the
 Mayor and still a
 great teache
The drama of the teacher and
 student "incident"
Skipping Ms.Reid's class to go to Tam's
 and start lunch early. Yet still getting
 an A in her class.
Ditching and hanging out
 in the condos behind HPHS
The Talent shows DJ ditching parties
Flirting with the securities so
 they  would let you ditch
Getting sent home because
 your clothes were too sexy
Meeting up at house parties and hanging
 out with your dancing crew.
Having your friends that worked in the office
 get you out of class with a fake pass
Hanging out by the payphone
 next to main building
Having to go see Ms. Mesobob
 (I think  that was her name) in the
 attendance office for ditching.
HP's 1990 Gymnastics Team was  LA City Champs.
 The year after all the high schools began to pull the sport from their programs for insurance reasons.
When most of the students joined the
 "Walk Out" during teacher's strike,
 and met up in Griffith Park!
Mr Pathos and his "New Kids on the Block"
 t-shirt. Same shirt EVERY DAY !!
Thug life thinking they
 were bad !!!!!!!!
Hanging out at "The
 Circle" getting bums to buy you drinks
Planting a tree in memory of Armando Alvarez Hanging out in Mrs. Browns room
When the Group,  Sex Symbols thought 
they were all real rebels with out a cause”
!!!!!!!!!!!!! hanging
out at the rail !!!!!!!!!! 
Running from 'The Terminator' when trying to ditch
Always visiting Mr. Granados because he was always willing to lend a ear! REMEMBER "BONDED AS ONE PUNK BAND!! from our school H.P. Picking up those Gus's French Fries sure was fun!!!!
Picking up those Gus's French Fries
 sure was fun!!!!
Watching Mr. Romo "loose it" has he shook
 Frank around like a rag doll for mocking him  behind his back.
Very funny actually
Mr. Nakamatsu. What can you really say about an art teacher
that would let me draw on the wall in class?  Cool !!
Setting stuff on fire with the soldering iron in
 electronics class with Mr. Farias and watching him
 sit  in his desk, not looking up, and simply yelling,
 "Gentlemen, stop burning things!"
Replacing all the english spelling words with dirty words in
Spanish in Mr. Nordee's class. I did that before class since
I knew how to jiggle the door open. The class erupted
in laughter when they noticed!
I sure remember Mr. Leyson's mean,
 sarcastic, but funny remarks at students.
 "You're 17 years old? You're old enough to
 be a father yet you can't even do this stupid
 little project?!!!"
Wondering if Ms. Puri was pregnant or 
just had a big stomach
The teachers strike The track Class of 97
Class of ’90 – C-Club getting raided at the house in Miles
 by the cops for underage drinking and then having to call
 our parents to pick us up from detention
Eating burnt pizza every Friday the
 whole senior year (99' Eternal) ohh !!!
Having C-Club coach the seniors in the
 powder puff game and partying after!!
During football games, sitting on the opposite
site looking for cute guys from other schools
Shout out to the girls in the varsity
 Volleyball team
  "98" was our best year!
"Class of 1990" Working at the deans office and while 
Yolanda stepped out of her office. I will get passes to my friends out of class.
Having Grad Night at Magic Mountain Hating Mrs. Helft for not
 letting us ditch on Senior
 Ditch Day
Little T.J., by the E.S.L. buildings!!!
Getting Valentine's telegrams from everybody 
but the person that you wanted it from
Ms Ramirez and her softball team. 
Always looking cute
Living close to the school and been able to leave during
 lunch with a pass and not returning till the next day
HEARTS BURGERS!!! Having fun with
 leadership on
 Saturdays, HP
 was our playground
Nak!! Definitely the best teacher. Who else could 
let you get over a hang over by sleeping on the old futon!
Throwing eggs at Bell's Band and drill-teams during
 their half-time performances
Endless fun nights
 preparing props
 for the dances
Hanging out every Friday after school at Hart’s and eating
 french-fries with dressing… and coolest teacher
I ever had… Mr. Hestrup 
  Going to Mrs. Nuts English class, stated you were there and then ditch while her head was still down  taking roll call. We all did it.  
Hanging out at hearts and eating French 
fries with thousand island
dressing for $1.00

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