The 60s' Memories of Huntington Park

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Angora Sweaters

The City High School
Football Championship

A "Bitch'n" time

Tuna Salad sandwich and  lemonade...$1.00.... in the cafeteria Spartan Marching

Drag Racing at 22nd
 St. in  the commercial
 area of Commerce

Buying popcorn
 at nutrition

Knitted angora mirror warmers Continentals

White Bucks (shoes)

Noon movies showing the
  previous weeks football game
Tri Hi Hops and
Officer Plum watching

(By the way, Officer Plum Passed away 8-12-2002)
Source: His daughter On

Peggers & White T-shirts

J.Jesters Y-Club

The punch and big
 cinnamon roll or
 the grilled cheese
 for nutrition

Janis Joplin
Boys Burgers

Fairs at "Salt Lake park"

M'Goo's in
Winter Whirl Dance

Girls wearing their
 Boyfriend's Letterman

"Cresent Cove"
Carl's Chili Dogs Assassination of
 President Kennedy
The Roller Coaster
 and the Rotor at the
 Long Beach Pike

Flagg Brothers shoes

Pacific Ocean Park (POP) Al's TEAN CLUB

 Cruising Tweedy Blvd. 

Wondermere sweaters
 and  matching socks &
 matching skirts from

Rainbow Pier in
 Long Beach
Dog Collars worn on
 ankles like anklets
Cotton Cord Dance
Your boyfriend wearing your
 Senior  ring on his pinkie
DRIVE IN Theatre
Harvey's Broiler Drive- In
in Downey

(LINK To Picture)
Your Boyfriend's Senior ring
 on a chain around your neck
 in Anaheim

YWCA clubs Ki-Si-Fi
for Kind, Sincere and Friendly

Looking for the  "Haunted
 House" in Hollywood Hills
Keckline's pool hall
 on Florence Ave.
Slathering on Johnson's baby oil mixed with iodine while laying out
in front of "Vic's" in Huntington Beach and  eating "strips"
Sharing each other's lockers when they were closer
 to the  class and "10" different people
 have their stuff in there? 
Bouffant hair do's
Zinke's shoe repair Girls knitting argyle socks for their  steady boyfriends
 or  angora dice for their rear-view mirrors
Thunderbird, what's the price? 35 twice.
 2nd choice was Ripple. And lets not  forget Sloe gin.
The House of Nine
  dress shop
A&W drive-in on State Street and Florence Dick Dale and the Deltones
 at the Rendezvous Ballroom
in Balboa
The Jolly Roger on
 Balboa Island
New Follies
 Burlesque show on
 5th & Main in L.A.
KFWB and KRLA radio stations "Suntan the call letters
 on your body contest" With DJ's Wink Martindale, 
Bill Balance and Gary Owens
Jerry's Drive in restaurant on 
 Firestone and Old River School Road
White Front Store
on Central Ave.


Cruising Harvey's Broiler in
 Downey with  the original 
"low-rider" cars
Racing at Lion's Drag
 Strip on Wed Night's

Searching for the "multi-colored" hairdos
 of the "ladies" from the local Beauty College

Every Friday the weekly wearing of our graduating class sweaters Girls Y Club " Sham-a-leis"
 for 1965 grads

Exploring the ruins
 of the
 "Psychiatric Hospital" in Norwalk

Stealing (borrowing) gas signs,
 green stamp signs, realtor signs and
"Signing" someone's house

The Clock Drive-In

Hootenannies with
 folk singing,
 guitars, banjos, & bass

Toilet papering houses

The fresh fruit machine
  outside the girls gymnasium
Watching (screaming) at the Beatles on
 Closed Circuit at Movie Theater on Pacific Blvd.
Fletcher Arch's
(Class 0f 65)
Hanging streamers from the basketball
 hoops to the center of the gym for dances.
The God awful PE swimming suits for the females
 and having male teachers evaluate us in the treading
 water test  (was it for 5 minutes?) in order to graduate
Officer Dirty Ernie writing citations for "loud pipes"
  and going to Jack's Muffler to change them to get the ticket
 cleared, then going back and putting old ones back on.
The Silver Cue at Florence and
  Long Beach Blvd.'s
The Social Activities Committee that decorated for
 dances and worked making decorations in the basement.
at Salt Lake Park
"Your mama shops for you at Ziggy's"

Flagg Bros. shoes on Pacific...
you  could  buy  stylish
 shoes cheap... just
don't were them in the rain!

The biggest NO-NO.......
wearing Chinese
 knockoffs of real Converse........

Hanging out by Westover Hall during lunch  and
 having the Seagulls poop on your cool  sweater
 as they flew from building to building............

Freezing to death sitting in the bleachers
taking roll butt naked before we swam......

Seeing "Thee Midniters" for the first time at the "Big Union"............
The Lloyd Thaxton
 show on TV
Watching Dick Clark
 and American Bandstand
Listing to Wolf Man
Jack on KRLA radio

"We girls shop in  Huntington Park"
 painted on the giant  water tank

Bowling at the Gage Bowl 
for Blue Chip Stamps
 with the lights flashinging
 different colors

Poker Runs
Football games against archrival
Bell High School
Shopping at Harris & Frank's on
 Pacific Blvd.
"Sam and Susie
Cruising PCH while
listening to the Door's
"Light My Fire"
Scotty's Petrol Palace Cherry Beach
Nehru Jackets Puka Shells In-A-Gada-Da-Vida
Bob's Barber Shop,
 across from the Silver Cue
1968 Cross country Teams award
 banquet in the Hospitality House
5 Cent ice cream cones at
 Sav-On on Pacific Blvd.
"Slam Books"(usually a fad of the girls) that were passed around for people  
to  make comments to the made up questions the "owner" would've written  
in them. They were finally stopped by the Girls League Advisor, Ms. Dredla.
Cal's Corral
Learning to play golf in gym class ....... holes were dug in
 the lawn on the upper field and an empty tuna can
placed in the hole for the ball  to drop into it.

The "OLD" Thrifty store on
  Pacific Blvd. with it's
 oh so  "Old Fashioned"
 lunch counter

Noon broadcasts when the great rock and roll hits
 of  that time were  played over loud speakers for all of us
 to enjoy   while we ate  lunch in the quad under the
 beautiful  trees or in Stockton Court.
Joe Fletcher and his
  Mary Arrowsmith

"Spartagrams" were fun on Valentine's Day.
  It was great if you got one, or two
 or.........delivered to you by a cupid (of sorts)
 during one of our afternoon classes.

Carl's Burgers
 on Florence Blvd.

Huntington Park Ballroom (wedding & confirmation dances) The Elk's Club on Central Ave.
 (wedding & confirmation dances)
Cruising WHITTIER Blvd.
Dances at the Gage Bowling Alley (including an
 exclusive performance  by '3 Dog Night' -- one  of the
 members of that band, Cory, was once an
 HPHS student -- I think)
Hangin' out at Woolworth's

Stores on Pacific Blvd:
Wineman's Department store, Lloyd's, Leed's shoes,
 Ice cream  cones at Sav-on's, Foster Freeze 
and the school supply store
 at the corner of Gage and Miles

Going to Playa del Rey Beach

"Kookie, Kookie, lend
 me your comb"

Beanie and Cecil "The Sea,
 Sick Sea Serpent Puppet Show
Tanker Jackets!

Chinese Fire Drills
 on Pacific Blvd.

Surfing at "Swamis" Dances at
 Salt Lake Park

Johnny's Barber Shop

"The Beach Boys" "Jan & Dean"

Foster Freeze's
  Dipped Cones

The Huntington Park
 Christmas  Lane Parade

Samy Sparta catoons in 
school news paper

We beat the #1 quarterback in the whole country
 38 to 35 in 62 that was almost better than the
 59 city championship.

Soupy Sales TV show
Senior field day "the sweat suit relay"
Mr. Chase had to cover the young lady up so
 no one could see her bra question is...... who was it?
Football films at noon
Sweating bullets in the PE office
 waiting to get a swat!
The poor janitorial staff cleaning
 Stockton Rock after a football
 game for the umpteenth time
Clean Campus!!
The Red Bus “The Jungle Cruiser” Dancing to the
 Beach Boys tunes
Driving for
 Chicken Delight
French fries (with lots of ketchup) and cherry cokes
 at Thrifty Drug after school; playing tunes on the juke box
"The Daily Signal" had all the local scoop
All night graduation parties and
heading to the beach afterwards
The clothing store
 " The Place"
When they finally let the
 girls wear pants 
FROG from the

The fabulous Spartan
 Acapella Choir and

Running from your parents' car to  the Masonic
  Lodge wearing your Jobs Daughter robe! Were we
  anxious for the  meeting or trying  not to
 be seen on Pacific Blvd?!
Sports rallies during football season and could buy
 "rally badges" to  wear to the games which we
 purchased  for a  nominal fee at Stockton  Rock
 during lunch or nutrition.
The Royal Monarchs with Roger Stafford and Jack Schaefer
A & W On Atlantic

Being sent to the boy's VP office (Mr. Goodhue)
for the paddle. (the wooden one with all the holes in it).

Surfing at TRESTLES (Camp Pendleton) and watching the Marines
 hoping you would fall off and the board would wash ashore.
Lucky Boy burgers
 on Firestone Blvd.

The large tennis shoe sole used on the loser, at the
 sardine derby, by the winner at swim team practice.

The Mary Butterworth
St. Christopher medals
 and squaw boots
The surfer's stomp at Tri Hi Mr. Allen's grocery store on
 Saturn Avenue for candy & sodas
"Don't cook tonight. Call Chicken Delight!" Which we sometimes
 called to have it delivered to a place where it wasn't ordered
"Brush Up", with an "Italian
 Bang", that was a hairdo for girls
The Co-Ed Shop on Pacific Blvd. 
It was a teen age and young woman's shop
Vic Tannie's Gym on Pacific in HP. All the really cool guys worked
 there trying to sell you a membership to "build a better body"
"Sad Sack's" army surplus store on Pacific "The Jelly Roll" a hair style that the really cool guys wore.
 If you had a "Jelly Roll with a "Duck Tail", you were really "bad"
The "Sakting Rink" on Pacific, which was right next door to "Chili Junction", a teen hang out  with
 the best Juke Box in the world. The hamburgers and Cherry Cokes, were the best, don't  know
 about the chili as ladies didn't eat that kind of stuff in those days. The owners name was "Art".
Best chili dogs at the
 "orange Julius" in late 60's
Berk's Cafe, near the cornor of Pacific and Zoe Avenue, in Huntington Park.
Little Juke boxes on each table and the counter, not only could you
 choose your songs, you could get "you're fortune from the "Swami",
 which you could always apply to a current life situation.
"Sally's, the most Walked about Shop in Town. The sign and commercials had a picture of
a woman in a full skirt and high heels, walking a dog on a leash. I can still see it today.
The store was on Tweedy Blvd., in South Gate.
"Finks Fun City"  on
 Pacific Blvd.

The J-Car
Wearing Madras and Pendleton shirts Ditching school after lunch for an afternoon surf
Cut class cards instead of detention Enjoying the “Swedish Smogasboord”, cusine on Pacific Boulevard and then cruising down to the Pacific Movie Theatre to watch “Dr Zchivago” movie premiere in1967. It was packed and Tolstoy’s Russian love epic film was not bad at all, especially with your girlfriend.
The HP Ballroom above the Bank of America hosted some of the hottest acts that included the Midnighters. I actually saw in person “Iron Butterfly” and “Steppen Wolf “ play at the TRI-HI recreation center in 1968-69.  The lead singer of Iron Butterfly recently passed away. Also.....woodies and surf bunnies! 
Harmony Park Rondevous Santa Monica Civic
Pictures in the picture
 booth at Woolworth's
The Union 76 Station on the Southwest corner of Florence
 and Pacific Blvd & the Chevron station just South of that
On Pacific, one block South of Florence, the Taco Bueno. We bought 'em by the bag full The Hot 'n Tot Lounge on Pacific Blvd, just South of Florence The bowling alley on Pacific Blvd near SavOn Drugs was called Southeast Bowl.
Girls used to knit angora "mirror warmers" and
 angora car club "plate warmers" for their
 boyfriends cars.
The Oakie Stomp on Sunday afternoons above a bank on Pacific Blvd,
South of Randolph Street that was televised on Channel 13,
I believe it was KCOP TV
Cruising McDonalds on 
Tweedy Blvd in Southgate

Playing "pickup" baseball games at
 Salt Lake Park. We played a lot of
 'Over The Line'
The Park Theater
The "PIKE" ......... I remember riding our bikes the 14 miles to NU PIKE, in Long
 Beach, to play the "Penny Pitch" arcade games for hours, and then riding
 back home
Seeing Cannibal & The Headhunters for the first time at the Big
Union in Vernon. 

Winchell's donuts on
 state and florence

1964.....Chuck Berry performed live in the auditorium, at Huntington Park High School,
one afternoon, as a surprise!
WOW! Now THAT was cool!
Riding on the Streetcar down
 Pacific Bl. The "J car"
Sitting in Mr. Pretty's class listening to
 him talk about all the LSD he took in
Righteous Brothers / Beach Boys / Jan & Dean
Splitting at lunch time with boards in hand and thumbing to the cliffs (Huntington) Uncle Ned's restaurant on the boulevard.
They made hot dogs by butter frying
them and grilling  them.
Crusin' around the
 school in my new
 1964 GTO, with
 all my pal's
Roc Cutri Pontiac 
on Firestone Blvd.
Used Car lot on Firestone Blvd. with
 Banner "No Car over $99.95." 
Hang'n at "The Tree" on  breaks and lunch.
Getting an Exhibition of speed ticket on
 Belgarve while cruising during lunch in
 my 1959 Opel.
On occasion Cursing the School in the morning with Surfboard
on the  car.  When the bell rang we headed for the beach.
Riding to the Beach in Ray's '47 Ford Woodie pulling over every so 
often to  pick up a part that fell off
Taking swats to get confiscated YO YO's and squirt guns
Riding around in a '65 Ford Thunderbolt  with no back seat Picking up chicks at the TRI HI 
Salt Lake Park
Racing around in a
 friends 1964 GTO
Tony's Shell Station Tweedy Blvd. McDonald's Hamburgers 16 Cents.
French fries ??
Ninth Street West with
 Sam Riddle!!!!
The Lamplighter Cafe by the Girls Y "Man-Tan" filled squirt guns in the balconies of the Warner,
 Park or California theater's. Watch the "spotted" people
 below exit the theater
Von Dutch's pin-stripe shop on
 Independence & Atlantic Blvd. in S.G.
"Ernies Taco House" on Firestone &
 Long Beach Blvd.
The "Octopus" ride at
 P.O.P., that went over
 one side of the pier.
Delivering Chicken Delite chicken, 
in a 3-speed Rambler and stopping at
 Taco Bell on Florence to hang out
 and find the parties!
"Dwayne" surfboard's on the corner of State St. & Olive St. 
The board's were like a sandwich 
Munching Jolly Boy's onion rings and
 french fries on Friday night, and
 Handy  Burgers at lunch time
I remember hanging out at Taco Bueno, not Taco Bell. It was
 close to the theatre on Pacific Blvd. and almost across the
 street from Carl’s Jr. where we used to stand on the bus
 bench waving to everyone that passed! 
Rancher Bill's Hamburgers for 19-cents 
on Florence Ave (near Santa Fe)
The guys racing miniature "slot cars" at the slot
 car track at corner of Randolph and Pacific
The boys bathroom near the
 hash line and the cafeteria that belonged to "the bloods"
Buying "Makaha" skateboards at United Sporting
 Goods on Pacific Blvd and riding them all over the place
"The Lyric" Theatre at Pacific and Florence where for a while you could get into a
 Saturday matinee for just 2 RC (Royal Crown Cola) bottle caps. Soon thereafter
 it converted to  XXX-Adults only
Buying cool clothes at Elam's Men's Store on
 Pacific Blvd just across from Seven Seas Gift Store
Eating at Clifton's Cafeteria "The Owl" Market at Florence and Santa Fe
The Spartan Marching Band getting new
uniforms  and being seen for the
first time at a football half time
show marching out to…”Hey Look Me Over!” 
New Marching band uniform. And not being able to have
any snacks in them because they were new.
Being able to carry a pistol in its holster down Pacific Blvd
to the Sporting goods store, forgot the name,
that had an indoor shooting range. Try that today!!
Beetle Baileys custom 56 Chevy Skipping school to run all over town looking for props 
for our drama productions - and getting away with it
Homer Holensby cruising on his chopper Working on hot rods at Jim & Dicks Chevron
 after hours Pacific south of Florence
Huntington Park Youth Band

Danny Olvias - lead guitar, Summer 68, Danny Pelayo-ass, 69 early graduation, Fred Perez, Winter
 69-rhythm guitar, Odis Session-vocalist, transferred, Mike Martinez (deceased) - drums, Summer 68.Its
 safe to say that we were the main rock band at HP during 67 & 68.We beat South Gate's band (Page 5)
 in a battle of the bands held in the hall/gym at Salt Lake Park. We advanced to a battle of the bands
held in a Hollywood night club which is now a comedy night club. We also played for KRLA's Big
 Kahuna remote appearance, a guy that grunted a lot and was only there a few minutes. He wore leafy
 head dress, a sarong around his waist and more leaves around his bare feet.. Oh yea and sunglasses. 
Held in the back of Wineman's in the parking lot. We also played many events (school
 dances, assemblies etc). Thank you, class of W69...

White Front Stores The Skate-a-Rama in Downey
A buck to get in and you could dance all night. HUGE bouncers. 
Biggest was a guy named Dave Duran. Dick and Dee, 
Chubby Checker, Terry Stafford, and many others played there.
I remember the street being named 26th St. which was next to the railroad tracks in the  city of commerce between eastern Ave. and Garfield. I remember one weekend night  the police came from Garfield and Eastern Ave. at the same time and cited 65 people  for street racing. We drove across the dirt over to Bandini Blvd. and split and never got caught. White Buck shoes
59 Ford hardtop convertibles Surfers vs. Racers Cruising Bellflower Blvd.
Cuffed blue jeans The YWCA, and all of the guys cruising by on Tues nights to show off their cars and be seen. Progressive dinners
The Howdy dance at the beginning of each school year The assembly held on the 1st day of school.  That is where you finally got to see what the cheerleaders outfits were for the year
The bench in Stockton Court where all
 of the football players stood on
 during lunch
Football games at 
East LA Jr. college at night
A&W orange number
 cards that the car
 hops put on you car
 windshield when
 they took your order
Swampwater (half orange pop and half A&W root beer) and 
chili fries at the A&W
Making your own skateboard with
 skate wheels and a piece of wood
Hanging out at Pikes Peak in Long
 Beach watching the sexy sailors getting their tattoos
The Silver Q Pool Hall
Pictures (Link)
Going into the Marine Corps. and then on to Viet Nam with Terry Gemas. Terry
getting killed very soon thereafter. Growing up quickly. Feeling very old and out 
of touch when I came home, even though I was only 19.
Rick Van Unen
Norm's Restaurant On Slauson Blvd.
Tiny Naylor's drive in Hollywood Walking And Shopping Down Pacific Blvd. 
And Going To The Show
Your Mama bought your clothes at "Ziggys"
Throwing up at the Faire at Salt Lake Park after riding the tilting cups Going to Marmac’s Restaurant on the corner of Lakewood Blvd and 
Florence Ave. for frog legs and prime rib after graduation.
Officer Plum calling my mom after somebody snitched me off 
'cause I was drunk at Salt Lake Park Dance
Wearing my WWII German Helmet to Mr. Vernoy's PE Class on a dare...never did that again!
A & W Root Beer stand on Tweedy Blvd.

Believe it or not, a surfing club in South Gate called “West Coast Wanderers” . My brother Max Stevanus (class of “64”) was a member.

I was Sent home from Junior High because my hair was too high and my skirt was too short,  true story!!

   Listening to the Huggie Boy Show
and the Wolfman jack show
  Run what you brung........LIONS DRAG STRIP 
Remember halftime against Bell, when both marching bands performed together.
They began marching from opposite goals toward each other, Mr. Pease
leading our band. But, we were outnumbered 10 to 1, and we yelled out -
"Turn around and Run for your lives!
Cruising Tweedy
 my boyfriends 1959
   Canary Yellow T-Bird!
  Ziggy's on the corner of 
Florence and Pacific Blvd.
In the 60's when Bob Dylan sang "these times are a chang'in'" no one at the time could possibly imagine the present day world that we live (or try) in today. The future ain't what it used to be.  I  belonged to the "West
 Coast Wanderers from
 South Gate"  
  Skate-0-Rama in Downey
The dance nights were called
skuz-a-go-go. I saw Dobie Gray,
The Turtles and The Byrd's there

  We paid $3.50 to see
Tina Turner Lynwood Parks and Recreation in 1967
On the traffic circle in Long Beach, Cinnamon
 Cinder had two bands that alternated playing
 rock and roll.
Dancing in East L.A. at Itchy Foot Mose in
 1970-71. Girls only had to be 18 to enter
Dancing at Marina Palace in Seal Beach, 1968-1969.
Remember the flashing psychedelic black lights
 "The Shift Masters" car club
The Rumblers at The Cinnamon
Cinder on the long beach traffic circle 1960s
Hanging out at "BIG DADDY' Ed Roth's
custom shop in Maywood
Marrying one of those 
cute little Jobies
Rancher Bill's on Florence Tiny Naylor's Dobie Gillis, Maynard G. Krebs
and Zelda 
South Gate drive in and driving
range golf course next to it
Woody's barber shop on Gage.
Flat tops!
Going to the Reef in long Beach
on Prom Night
Clifton's Cafeteria, Lakewood Center
(circa 1960-70s)
60's Memories from our friends who went to South Gate High School (The Rams)
  Dances at South Gate park  

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