The 50s' Memories of Huntington Park

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Flat top

After-game dances the
Tri Hi Hop

Howdy Dances At the
 beginning of the semester

Dion and

Friday afternoon
 football games

Cool cars with
flames and pipes

Sadie Hawkins
  School Dance

Watching the Submarine
 Races in  Signal Hill

Beach Parties at
Huntington Beach

"Sopp Chevrolet and Spreen Cadillac"

Pacific Boulevard

The Gage Drive In

A great idea for getting out of the house to   



Drag Racing on Bandini Blvd.

 The Pike

Bumper Cars

Jeff's Barber Shop

Norms Restaurant on Slauson

Warner Theater

Blue Suede shoes

Recapped Tires

Slumber Parties

Anita Shops

The Clock Drive In...
 in HP
(Remember the deep
dish cherry pies)

A & W Root Beer

Farmer John

Date night at Disneyland

Harvey's Broiler
 Drive-In in Downey
(LINK To Picture)




Bill Ballance

The Prom

Guest's Drug

Rancher Bill's famous 19 cent burgers back in the days before McDonald's

The Silver Saddle in Downey.

Tweedy Blvd.

Savon Drugs


Butch Wax

Look Mom, no cavities!


The J Car. street car to L.A.

Dial Pay Phones

Whirlitzer and Seeburg
  juke boxes

19 cent gas

The Lyric Theatre


S. H. Kress

Curry's Ice Cream Parlor

(the great ice cream) 

"Going Steady"

Tabi's were worn with capri pants

"Girls' locker room burns down"

The Red Car and the
 J-Car street cars

School DJ playing music
 during the lunch hour from
 Westover Hall

Green Stamps

Jim n' Dick's gas
 station on Pacific
 near Florence

Sharing each other's lockers
 when they were closer to
 the class and "10" different
 people have their stuff in

The wave hair doo!
(remember the clip?)

Get away from
 me, you have

"Sack Dress" and the
 "Shift Dress"

Chicken Delight
"Don't cook tonight, call
 Chicken Delight!"

J.J. Newberry's
 on Pacific Blvd.

DJ, "Hunter Hancock",
 (Ol' H.H.) radio station KGFJ (Rhythm and blues)

DJ, Dick Hugg, better
known as "Huggie Boy" also of KGFJ

Huntington Park Christmas Lane Parade

Art Laboe's dedication and song requests from Scrivner's  Drive-In on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood

Orange Julius stand at the corner or close to the corner of Pacific Blvd. and Florence Ave.


Shopping at J.C.Penny's and
Getting a ride on the Wineman's
Dept. store elevator
Hy's coffee shop on
 Pacific next to Warner
 Bros. Theater

Knitting your boy friend miniature argyle socks with
 white angora and  another  color yarn. He would hang
 them over his mirror in his car

Buying a huge cinnamon roll for 5 cents and eating it while sitting on the grass during nutrition break

Watching I Love
 Lucy  through the
 window  of the TV
 shop on Pacific

Sin-Sin. The licorice tasting candy that would cover
 up the smell of most things you had put in your mouth..

"Who cares?"

"Hello, my name is
 Lloyd Thaxton"


 on Florence near Santa fe.


The ice cream place on the South side of Florence  Ave. just west of Santa Fe 
that was shaped like a chili  bowl was called: PUNCH AND JUDYS


Flagg Brothers shoes

Ross's Mens clothes

The Joke shop

Candy bars three
 for a dime

The Jumps with Big Jay McNeely and  Joe turner 
 at the California and Lyric theaters.

The HELMS man with those chocolate eaclairs and
 the big cream puffs, and most of all the smell when he
 pulled out thos long drawers of everything good to eat.
It's whistle would sound announcing it was in the neighborhood

The big ice cream
 cones at Sav- On

The midnight horror shows at the California Theater

Lerner's on Pacific Blvd

Huntington Park Ballroom
over the Bank of America

Huggie Boy's dedications next to the Warner's theatre

Wearing your boyfriends Letterman Sweaters --
 The more emblems the better! 

Going to Balboa Island
 for Easter Vacation

Duck Butt hairdo's
 on guys! 

Saddles and Bobbie Sox

Picnics at Griffith Park

Remember the HPHS PARK PLUGS??

 Wearing Alex Plashert's Sweater! --it's been 
 a long time since I wore his sweater!

Going to the beach on the Pacific Electric (red)
 car and staying there  for hours, coming home,
 you  looked like a red lobster. (Ouch) 

Zoot Suiters

Archers Pool Hall on Slauson Just
East of Santa Fe

The J-Car On the Corner of 
Florence & Pacific

The old Safeway store and the entire front was open. The only wall at the entrance was when the pull - across fold ups were in place during
hours they were closed. 

One of the original Carl's was on Pacific and had an "expensive" 58 cent  hamburgers which really was a giant ground sirloin steak,
 fresh  off the char-grill and placed in a huge bun. Yum Yum!!

The Polka Dot Bus

More about Carl's hamburger stand on Pacific: . It originally was about 10 feet by 10 feet square, and we called it the Chili Dog. Cause he made the best chili dog in town. It had to be about 1954 when he built the next place on the same property and featured that giant hamburger. But his chili dog (served with a little yellow chili on top) was still a big seller. Carl's ketchupy sauce was the best. Its not the same today. The last time I remember Carl's, he had built a new place farther south on Pacific, in the style of Carl's Jr of today. Actually the first stand was at Slauson & Alemeda. I used to eat there after the fights at the HP arena at Gage & Alemeda.  Of these are my memory's of over 50 years ago, I could disremember.

Bethlehem Steel on Slauson and the little train
 moving the red-hot ingots around.
 You could feel the heat from the ingots.

"White Buck Shoes"
 Every girl had them

The Rainbow Pier

The PIKE and The Plunge
 (at the Pike)
Taco de Town

Setting pins at the 'bowling alley' on Pacific. If I remember it was just north of Florence ave.... that was NOT a good job! Bowlers would throw change down the gutters to the 'pin boys' setting pins after they were through. Seems like most of the pin boys were half bagged!

At the pike
The Double Ferris Wheel

At the pike...
One of the really great wooden roller coasters ... the Cyclone Racer

I used to sell papers on that corner. Standing in the street
 when the lights  were red. ... 10 cents a paper which
 I got 3 cents for selling.  Big bucks for risking my life ....

Blue (or black) suede shoes with the zipper for guys.

The 'Red' Car from
 Long Beach to LA

Cal "and my dog spot" Worthington over on Slauson ....

Having your car on a 'rake'  Was cool!

Motor bikes... the ones you had to peddle like crazy to get the motor to kick in.

Welch's Restaurant
 in Long Beach

Lions drag strip in
 Long Beach

George Barris' custom car shop in
 South Gate on Atlantic Blvd.

Anyone remember 'Tin Can Beach'?

'Airplane Hill' in Long Beach. Had to go down
 it on  the way to the beach. Big time thrill.

Remember.... Dixie Peach as advertised on the Hunter Hancock Show, on KGFJ

Webster Webfoot - was a favorite
on afternoon T. V

Jack's Burgers across the street from the Vogue
in South GAte

The convenience store Vondeys ( or Vondys or Vondis) on Southern Ave. near South Gate
 JuniorHigh School. We used to get Chum Gum for our leaching buddies. 3 slices for a penny, 
not the penny a slice for Juicy  Fruit. Also, the junior high brawls took place there, when Joe
 chose off  Tom, for who knows what.

Gene's Muffler Shop

Lets not forget the Allen Theatre on Tweedy
 Blvd. I remember they gave away bunnies
 at the Saturday matinee. This was in the 55
 time frame

The Coachmen Car Club

Only the "coolest" kids jammed into a truck or car and zoomed off on a Friday or Saturday night to the cliffs at Huntington Beach and built a fire. Always a "group" at first, running and joking around in the sand became the initial excitment, but nothing compared to the eventual high school intoxication of all that kissing and hugging around the camp fire that capped the evening. But somehow, there was always that one lone person sitting there without a partner. Typical for high school. 

"THE CHILI DOG" that was on the South West
 corner of Florence & Alameda 

The HP Wrestling Arena - A rather large tin barn - Wrestling on Friday & Boxing on Wednesday -

Does anyone remember the old NADEAU Theatre ??

Playing "maime the fool" at Miles Park where we had 25 guys on each side and used a football and the ball carrier got "maimed" by about 24 other guys ??

What happened to the beautiful June Arbuthnot ??

The "Turn Around" for the "J Car" The J car turn around was at
 Liberty and Long Beach/Pacific Blvd. Then it came back down Seville, made  a left on Florence
 and again a right of Pacific on it's way to L.A. 
It went around Hagerty's Drug
 Store and Ziggies's Shoe Repair and Shine.

Where are they??  The Sabella boys - Ronnie & Donnie, Billy Eckenrode, Glenda Moon, Marilyn Rhodes, Gary Kimberly,

For the girls...KNIT TOGS - on Pacific Blvd. Only the neatest skirts, sweaters and swimsuits!

How about the Florence Theater, out west of H.P. on Florence Ave., where the boys watched “Mom & Dad,” the sex education flick. That was really graphic.

My first after school job was at Kress' five and dime. I walked to the Social Security office way down off of Pacific Blvd, I think on Slauson, to get my card. I memorized it on the way back to Kress' about 45 cents an hour. I then moved on to Woolworth's Dime Store and 50 cents an hour. Then Sav On Drugstore opened and I got a job making 87 1/2 cents an hour...a fortune! I was the one scooping those monstrous ice cream cones...nearly broke my wrist. My Mom worked across the street at Wells Coffee to the theatre. My co-workers, all older than I, convinced my Mom they'd take care of me if I could go with them to Balboa for Easter week. Boy...did they take care of me! HAH! And...don't forget the picnics at Griffith Park! I loved wearing my fella's Letterman Sweater.

I do remember that 1955 gymnasium fire and how we were displaced for a number of months. Couldn't even get into the regular boys locker room BUT they still had us into the swimming pool and will never forget the heavy smoke odors throughout. Also boys in the "buff" and heard years later that the girls out on the field could watch boys going off the high dive when the window transoms were open. Fond memories of Mr. Howard Plossel (sp?) who was really "Mr. HPHS Swim"

Dick's Mobile service station on the corner of Hope and State streets and you could choose to pay a cash price of 23 cents a gallon, or it was 25 cents if you wanted the S&H Green Stamps.


The yearly Carnival at Salt Lake Park back in the 50's......... Oh what fun they were! 


Remember the "Good Humor Ice Cream Trucks" ringing its bell as
 it came down the street.......and what yummy ice cream treats they had!

Going Grunion (small fish) hunting on the beaches-
 yes, there really were grunions - not like going snipe hunting.

Mellow glass pack mufflers

Riding on a flatbed truck down Pacific Blvd. during the Annual
 Christmas Parade while playing my accordion with the other
 members of the music studio where we took lessons.

Waiting outside the gym for the school bus to return with the football team after they played an 'away game'. 

Senior Field Day near the end of the school year. And the losing class president getting a big whipped cream pie in the face!!

Our great school newspaper THE SPARTAN SHIELD and our annuals -- "EL RECUERDO" (the souvenir) . . . I still have mine and love to read all the autographs and notes. -- And how about those neat wall calendars printed in our own print shop -- black and RED -- for school days off.

Tennis Shoe Ernie's
 Pizza for 10 cents a
 slice out on
 Manchester Blvd.

Uncle Ned's restaurant on the boulevard. They  made hot dogs by butterflying them and grilling

Girls in the PE Classes trying
 to watch the Boys swimming
 in the pool

Roc Cutri Pontiac 
on Firestone Blvd.
Francis Fern's on Pacific Blvd. that sold ladies "foundation" garments, etc. Their motto: "What God has forgotten, we fill in with cotton". 

Friday and saturday night cokes & "chubby the Champ" 
hamburgers at the clock drive-in on florence!

Sock-hops in the h.p.h.s. gymnasium on Friday nights!

Friday and Saturday nights  at the Roadium drive-in  theater in paramount!

Friday and Saturday nights at the South gate  drive-in theater in south Gate!

I still have a pair of those
 socks that hung on the
 mirror of my 1952 yellow Ford convertible

Dick Lane selling cars on Channel 5

The Bimini Baths in Los Angeles – three indoor pools, one pool each was 
cold, one was warm, and one was hot. The pools were closed in 1951

Hopalong Cassidy, Space Rangers, roller derby, Georgous George 
on early TV, and test patterns when the stations went off for the night.

Space Patrol....

Wearing your boyfriends ring on a  chain around
 your neck

Seeing the very first movie, in 1954, to play at the brand-new Rosecrans Drive-In
 in Paramount, River Of No Return, in Cinemascope on their fabulous new wide screen!

The old Montgomery Ward’s on Pacific Blvd. not only had wooden floors, but it had the tubes for sending the customers money and receiving change back. These magical tubes ran on wires up to a window above the mezzanine, and it was fascinating to watch them, going so fast, and so smoothly, and hear the whizzing sound they made as they traveled to and fro, from all over the store, disappearing into that little window. I’ve never seen this anywhere else, before or since!

White wall tires and
 names on cars!

Dances at El Monte Legion Stadium

Beetle Baileys custom 56 Chevy,
 Homer Holensby cruising in his

Working on hot rods at Jim & Dicks Chevron after hours Pacific south of Florence


Nu-way chili dogs at Pico blvd. and Bundy

Guys Pegger Pants

Rollerdrome skating rink in Culver City. Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant learned
 to skate for a movie there. Bela Lagosi use to come there on the weekends to
 watch the skaters

La Barbera's Italian rest on Wilshire near Barrington. UCLA
 students ate there often. Thursday was star night because
 Thursday was maids night off in Brentwood. Frank Gorschin
was a big hit with the kids. Ann Margaret a hit with the men

Loafer shoes with horseshoe taps

Girls horsehair slips

Girls peddle pushers

Coffee houses.. One to remember....The Insomniac in Hermosa Beach

KFWB Channel 98

Waiting on the corner of Gage and  State for the
 newspapers for my paper route with the Huntington Park Signal. Only $1.00 a month

I hit one of those pin boys at the "bowling alley" on Pacific when I threw a ball too soon. Had my bike stolen while I was bowling too!

The Four Lads concert of 1953 at H.P.H.S.

The Rogues Hi Y
1956, 57, 58 and 59

From Barbara Pixley '52
 HPHS Grad, personal
 web page "Do You Remember"


Mac Donald's Hamburgers were 15 Cents in 1955

The teen dances where the boys lined up against one wall the girls did the same on the opposite wall..  You would think no one would ever get a chance to dance. .but we did.. slowly but surely!
Dolphins of Hollywood 1955, Girls could wear pants on Friday Capri Pants for girls
Elvis Presley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.  My parents were shocked! Cashmere Sweater Sets
There were two malt shops. One was across the street from the high school and
the other one was on the corner of Randolph and Miles it was called
"Connie's Malt shop" does anyone remember it. H.P. Night school classmates would stop by for coffee and milk shakes. I
t was my mom's malt shop. My aunt and my younger sister and I work at the malt shop. I think it was before I graduated in S'59, so it must of been 57 & 58. My mom also had a little market on Randolph and State across the railroad tracks, there was also another little store right across from ours. My mom store was called "Connie's Market" and the malt shop was called "Connie's Malt Shop" we had a juke box and lots of us use to dance there at the malt shop, we had a lot of fun. Do you remember it"?
Listening to Bo Diddly and doing the hand jive! Here is a link done by Barbara Pixley '52. "Cool"
Pixley-Blair: Pioneers &Princes
Some "Cool" retro
Pictures (Link)
Tiny Naylor's drive in Hollywood Walking And Shopping Down Pacific Blvd. 
And Going To The Show
Norm's Restaurant On Slauson Blvd.
I loved the long, slow walks after school down Pacific Blvd. What an abundance of shops to  peek into, or stop for a treat on the way home. When we got to Florence Ave., we all went  different directions. I caught the bus to Holmes Ave.  My first date was at the Florencita movie theater. Dennis, where are you now? Putting your hair in ‘pin-curls’ after PE when you had swimming and covering them with a scarf…just around the curls, not your whole head
Ziggy's on the corner of 
Florence and Pacific Blvd.
  Uniform of the day, blue suede bomber jacket, white tee shirt,
faded blue 'Peggers' and blue suede shoes"
  Here are some memory
clips of the 50's
Click here

A cool nostaliga site
Run what you brung........
Larry's Malt shop
The Park Theater Arco's pool hall The State Street Market
Friday nights at the roller rink
with couple's skating,
 girls in "short shorts" and guys in "muscular" T-shirts.
Remembering when the high school gym burned down. 
The girls had to wear cotton knit bathing suits. Many had to 
pass a swimming test before graduation.
Hanging out at "BIG DADDY' Ed Roth's
custom shop in Maywood
Bell Auto Parts on Gage "I'm Earl Scheib, and I'll paint any car,
any color for $29.95. No ups, no extras."
How many of us ate at Clifton's Cafeteria
on Pacific Bl?  I think, today, there's
only one Clifton's left.



Click here to see Pacific Boulevard in1955-1956 

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