The 40s' Memories of Huntington Park

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Helms Bakery Man

Good Humor
 ice cream truck

Paper and scrap drives

Glen Miller's Band

Gas Rationing

Smudge Pots

"The Shadow knows, Heh Heh Heh"!

Sky King


Victory Gardens

Wonder Bread

       Hot, fast lakester hot rods


Black Outs

The Clock Drive in

Schwinn Bicycles

Senior sweaters and
 the poodle skirts

Fly Paper

 Back yard incinerators

Warner Theater

Skate Keys

Charles Atlas



Johnny Otis

The Long Beach Pike &
The twin track roller coaster

Wearing sweater sets and my father's large
 dress shirt with the shirt tails hanging out

Cowboy Movies

The ice cream shop on Florence Ave. that was
 shaped like a chili bowl. They served very
 large extravagant sundaes with weird names
 like "the ghosts nightmare"


The Prom

Chubby the Champ
 Hamburger at the
 Clock Drive-in

Marsie Dotes Malt Shop
 on Randolph and Miles Ave. 

The Park Theater

The Huntington Theater

The Huntington Park Police Department
 and dragging Pacific Blvd. 

 Santa Anita Handicap
I was there at ringside.
W. W. Welch

Week night movie previews and
 seeing the Hollywood stars

Bethlehem Steel on Slauson and the little train moving the red-hot ingots around.
 You could feel the heat from the ingots.

The 'Red' Car from Long Beach to LA

Going to a new movie preview at Warner Bros., and seeing the stars after the show..

Arco pool hall on Slauson 

Does anyone remember the old NADEAU Theatre ??

Playing "maime the fool" at Miles Park where we had 25 guys on each
side and used a football and the ball carrier got "maimed" by about 24 other guys ??

What happened to the beautiful
June Arbuthnot ??

The "Turn Around" for the
 "J Car" at  Seville and
 Tweedy Blvd

Going to Kress Five and Dime store
after school for a Cherry Coke
and Hot Fudge Sundae

The "Hoot, Hoot, I Scream" snack place on 
Long Beach Boulevard. Great corned beef and cabbage!

Here is a link done by Barbara Pixley '52. "Cool"
Pixley-Blair: Pioneers &Princes










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