The 30s' Memories of Huntington Park

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Nickel ice cream cones Mc Nays malt shop  Coast Ice Cream 
Fun House at POP
 and the revolving barrel
Playing miniature golf at the course
 on Pacific Boulevard near Slauson
Evening in Paris perfume
"Borrowing" the soda spoons from
 the malt shop to make bracelets
The 1933
Taking the J car
 to LA for 7 cents
Roller skating in groups at
 night on the tennis courts
The Pigstand
 on Alameda!
Fagger's corner was on the corner by the auto shop class. Why fagger's?? 
Because students smoked there and cigarettes were called fags.
Getting rid of the

Congregating at the beach at 10th Ave. in Long
 Beach and eating those scrumptious hambugers

Weinman's Department Store
Coast Ice Cream!    

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