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The City of Huntington Park

Description of the City of 
Huntington Park (From wikipedia)

Fred "Tex"  Winter ('40) LA Lakers Assistant;
inventor of Triangle Offense, A HPHS Graduate


Foy Draper ('32) Olympian 
Velma Ploessel (Former HPHS Teacher) Olympian
Gage Middle School Web Site Gage
Flavia Register Weeden ('46) Artist
Nathalie "Tippi" Hedren ('48)


A little history on the movie "Grease" 
Partially filmed at HPHS
Joel Pullen ('50) M.D. & Author

Leon Leyson (Leib Lejzon)
Taught at HPHS and was on Schindler's List
During the war


 Schindler Link

Lest we forget these are names of those who were
killed in Vietnam and came from Huntington Park
Vhe Virtual Wall Washington DC
Lest we forget The Vietnam Memorial


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